Oxygen Trolley (Removable Bottle)

Our standard twin bottle tilt-bed trolley is designed for safe, easy regular replacement of bottles. All trolleys are supplied as standard to accommodate the latest Size W bottles. However trolleys can be provided to accommodate other sizes including the Mk12 cylinders. Gas Bottles are NOT included with trolleys as standard.

    All trolleys are provided as standard with the TBDUK Modular Regulator Panel, designed for easy removal and re calibration. The panel, regulators gauges and isolator valves are laid out in a clear unambiguous manner to ensure operation is instinctively obvious to trained users.

    The standard Oxygen configuration is a single high pressure regulator providing an out put of 0 to 3000 psi. Separate input and output gauges and isolator stop valves are fitted. Out put is via a single high pressure oxygen grade hose.

    As standard trolleys are not fitted or supplied with tyre adaptor /inflators however these can be provided if required to suit your specific requirements.

    The base trolleys incorporate many of the proven TB Davies innovative features including auto brake system linked to the drawbar stowage and torsion rubber suspension units with pneumatic tyres.

    As Regulator Panel re-calibration and servicing scheme is available for ‘exchange’ re-calibration of panels on a three yearly or as required basis. We would however highlight that the nitrogen regulators fitted to the TBDUK trolleys are warranted for life and do not require routine seal replacement, thereby generating significant savings over many alternative systems.


    • Available as 2 or 4 bottle storage
    • Single reel
    • Reel cover
    • In situ bottle recharging system
    • Removable bed bottle racks
    • Foam filled tyres

    PDF DownloadOxygen Trolley (Removable Bottle) Datasheet

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