Passenger & Crew Boarding Steps

The merger of TBD/Owen Holland provides formidable expertise and in depth experience in this sector. We can offer a wide range of height adjustable towable passenger steps and crew stairs in both telescopic and parallelogram variants as well as crew access/adjustable height maintenance steps.

    Passenger & Crew Boarding Steps

    Our telescopic steps fall into two major categories. Our lightweight steps model number TPS2636 are ideal for use on narrow bodied aircraft including all variants of B737, A319, A320 & A321. These steps are popular with low cost airlines and at regional airports and are inherently easy to use and position around the aircraft. Incorporating the latest TBDUK fail-safe pawl mechanism providing maximum confidence to both operators and users, this stair represents superb value for money.

    Aircraft Steps

    For heavy duty applications and larger aircraft including wide bodied we can offer a competitive range of both parallelogram and telescopic height stairs.

    The parallelogram range includes stairs with height ranges from 2 – 5.3m. Usually fitted with aluminium tread plate, pvc marley handrail, rugged turntable steered chassis and swivel nose platforms as standard. These stairs have sold worldwide as well as being a firm favourite here in the UK.

    The TBDUK Voyager range of heavy duty telescopic steps provide inherent stability and safe access at all aircraft heights up to B747 main door. Where access is required for crew and cleaning staff or even for short term maintenance activity within the hangar, choose from a variety of telescopic or parallelogram stairs that provide all the versatility of our passenger access steps but with the cost benefits from being purposely designed for use by up to 3 persons.

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