A reputation for reliability. Menzies specify TBD for replacement cargo dollies

In July, TBD were chosen by Menzies to supply twenty container dollies and twelve pallet dollies for their Manchester operation. A sourcing review has seen a new business model employed whereby some equipment is purchased direct from the manufacturer. TBD’s ground support range has been used by Menzies for many years and it was the detailed product specification, quality, ability to deliver on time, and the known reliability of the equipment which secured the new contract.

TBD has also been chosen by the lessor Rushlift to supply equipment for Menzies’ operation at LHR.

Paul Drever, General Manager – GSE Engineering & Standards, at Menzies commented, “When we decided to review the way we source our equipment we wanted the flexibility and freedom to buy directly as well as lease. Our operations in the UK need robust ground support equipment that is well-engineered, TBD understands how we work and also has excellent relationships with leading equipment lessors.”