Ground Handling Equipment

Guaranteed resilience – for the real world

Employing tried and tested manufacturing principles, combined with over 45 years of operator feedback from harsh usage environments, TBD’s ground handling equipment is built to last. High grade, corrosion resistant materials are robotically welded to very high tolerances, to combat wear and deterioration, no matter how challenging the working conditions.

Passenger Boarding Stairs

TBD’s passenger boarding stairs are manufactured to withstand years of constant use in the most arduous environments. Engineered with quality construction and a superior finish, all models are towable and can be supplied powered in either diesel or electric drive. Every set is compliant to ISO and IATA standards, including the latest requirements of AMH9. [Find out more]

Pallet & Container Dollies

TBD cargo container and pallet dollies are safe, robust, reliable and fully compliant to IATA and European CE standards. Specifically designed to endure demanding service over many years on busy airport ramps, we offer a full range of predesigned products or can provide bespoke solutions, tailored to specific requirements. [Find out more]

Baggage Trailers

TBD modular baggage trailers provide durable functionality for all loading/unloading operations, with capacity ranging from 1,800kg up to 3,200kg. Galvanised against corrosion, incorporating brakes, and with simple yet effective construction, service life is maximised providing years of guaranteed unit availability with minimal maintenance. All products are compliant to IATA and EU CE standards. [Find out more]

Feeder Air Cargo Loader

Capable of loading and unloading regional and feeder cargo aircraft, such as ATR and Cessna, as well as road transfer vehicles, TBD’s unique solution can be towed and driven into place. Any risk of damage to aircraft, trucks or GSE is totally eliminated by the approach non-contact docking system and auto stop with over run feature. [Find out more]

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