Working at Height

Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lifts

TBD’s high lift vehicles are specially manufactured for maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability in awkward areas. Developed with ease of use in mind, all of our vehicle mounted scissor lifts can be customised for any operational requirement. All equipment can also be branded with your corporate identity

Large vehicle mounted scissor lifts

Large vehicle mounted scissor lifts

TBD manufactures vehicle mounted scissor lifts that service distinct weight and application categories: from the more manoeuvrable 650kg capacity, 8.35m extension platform mounted on a 5-ton chassis – through to the 4,500kg capacity, 6m extension work platform mounted on a 12-ton chassis. Travel speed can be up to motorway levels of 56 mph.

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Medium vehicle mounted scissor lifts

Medium vehicle mounted scissor lifts

The smaller vehicles are highly manoeuvrable and ideal for general maintenance activity, larger higher platforms on heavy chassis provide increased capability. All platforms are fitted with fully compliant handrail systems and include anchorage points for work restraints lanyards. The capacity of 600kg can easily accommodate 4 people and tools.

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Small vehicle mounted scissor lifts

Small vehicle mounted scissor lifts

Whether based on our core range of products or totally bespoke for a unique requirement, TBD’s range of truck mounted scissor lifts are specifically designed and equipped to help our customers work efficiently and achieve fast turnaround times, however diverse or challenging the conditions.

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Engineered with purpose

TBD have a proven track record and reputation for quality and innovation in the aerospace sector. We design and manufacture a wide range of ground support equipment including cargo, baggage and passenger handling, engineering access equipment for flight line and hangar maintenance, as well as vehicle mounted access and service equipment. [Find out more]


Intuitive, versatile, ready to rise

Personnel and material lifts can be supplied based on a predesigned range of products, or totally bespoke to meet your specific business requirements. All TBD lifts are designed and manufactured at our specialist factory in the UK, so our solutions are not restricted by using mass produced, off the shelf components. [Find out more]

Material Handling

Bespoke solutions to protect and store

TBD provide solutions to lift, carry, move and even store equipment that requires a bespoke approach. From carrying tools and equipment dollies for material in atomic research facilities, to transporting the wings and fuselage of the world’s most advanced aircraft between locations, we deliver customised solutions. [Find out more]

Working at height

Robust, safe, fit for purpose

TBD have a long history of designing innovative work at height platforms that provide industry leading solutions to height access issues. We supply a range of equipment to meet challenges of all sizes, from simple fixed-height steps through to automated, adjustable height installations for working on large items in factory, industrial or maintenance environments. [Find out more]

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