Business Continuity Policy

The scope of activities covers all TBD’s customer driven business processes, key support services and internal management functions on our own and customer premises. Disruptions may arise for a number of reasons and include natural disasters, external threats, service level failure and any unforeseen event that could adversely affect our ability to meet customer obligations and our corporate objectives.

It is TBD’s policy to ensure that:
  • All business continuity activity underpins the strategic organisational objectives with regard to customers, reputation and profitability.
  • All business areas must have up to date business continuity plans which include business impact analyses to agree process priorities.
  • All areas will test and review their plans annually.
  • Strategic measures will provide for agreed business priorities and organisational interdependency. Key business services will be based around the reduction of risks and provision of recovery solutions.
  • The strategy will be considered and implemented for TBD as a whole and may be supplemented by local departmental measures introduced by line managers.
  • The impact and risk profile will be regularly reviewed and changes will be reflected in the continuity strategy.
  • Departmental management teams have responsibility for maintaining their business continuity plans and associated procedures in conjunction with the designated business continuity advisors, and for providing advice and guidance on their implementation.
  • Business continuity considerations will be included as part of all new product introductions.

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