Funding Ground Support Equipment in Europe with Oaklease

TBD believes it is essential to offer a choice of funding solutions that enable businesses to have the equipment they need, when they need it. To facilitate this, we are proud to announce that we are now partnering with European equipment leasing specialist Oaklease, to offer our customers a new range of comprehensive financing options.

All of us have to adapt to the new normal; increased passenger health protocols and lower footfall have increased pressure on capital expenditure (CapEx). Leasing enables you to spread costs over an agreed period, relieving pressure on CapEx and freeing up valuable working capital for other pressing projects.


Choice – access to the latest machinery and technology
By leasing rather than purchasing, you have more flexibility to upgrade equipment at regular intervals and keep up-to-date with the latest advances, rather than being tied to expensive machinery that can become outdated quickly.

Manage cashflow and stretch your budget
Leasing allows you to pay for equipment over a longer period of time by breaking costs down into affordable payments at regular intervals. For many businesses, budgeting in this way is preferential to paying one large sum upfront as it spreads the cost and reduces CapEx pressures. It also protects cashflow for emergencies.

Fully tax allowable
Another great advantage to leasing is that the rental is wholly tax allowable. The VAT element is of course deductible in the normal way.

With a wealth of experience gained over almost 30 years, Oaklease’s knowledge and experience of providing European airport equipment leasing options is unrivalled, as is their ability to arrange finance throughout most of Europe.

Contact TBD to discuss your requirements and the Oaklease financing options we have in place to support you in reaching your business goals. [Find out more]