Going electric at Inter Airport Europe 2019

Steve Meredith, CEO:

According to Airside International magazine and evidenced by feedback at the recent Inter Airport Europe 2019 event it is clear that the industry is making its move towards a greener more sustainable future.

Airside International’s October issue highlights the use of electric GSE equipment and customers’ increasing demands for the supply of electrically powered options in a more environmentally conscious era. They suggest the use of green electricity and a shift to LED lighting with a focus on ground support vehicles, equipment and fuel. Companies are now finding new ways to run their equipment on a combination of electricity, bio-gas and fossil-free diesel.

“Not all equipment operators and lessors are ready to adopt these changes yet, and airport infrastructures have to be prepared, but TBD is geared towards a market that is evolving” says Steve Meredith, CEO.  “In order for us to stay relevant and successful we have to follow in the direction where the industry is heading.  We’re focused on designing and manufacturing products that are suitable and seen to be forward-thinking as an environmentally aware era emerges. The aviation industry receives a great deal of unwanted attention due to its emissions, in producing equipment such as our electric-powered passenger stairs with solar panels TBD shows that we understand the sensitivity of our customer and the need to offer new solutions”.