Silk Way Airlines, Azerbaijan, entrusts TBD to deliver towable passenger stairs to its Silk Way Ground Handling branch for airport upgrade

TBD, the British manufacturer renowned for professionally engineered ground support equipment and specialist access solutions for the global aviation industry, has delivered eighteen sets of towable passenger stairs to the Ground Handling branch of Silk Way Airlines in Azerbaijan. The total order, worth over £500k, was focused on a general upgrade for Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku which coincided with an additional requirement for the Europa Cup final staged in the city.

In addition to towable passenger stairs, TBD has recently supplied a significant quantity of baggage trailers, container dollies and pallet dollies for Silk Way’s ground handling needs.

Jonathan Attfield, Sales Director of TBD, explains: “TBD was competing with numerous global suppliers from US, EU and the Middle East for this contract, but Silk Way was focused on improving quality as well as sourcing a manufacturer that could deliver on-site training and engineering support. We delivered the first sets of stairs in May and our own engineers set up and commissioned the immediate need for ten sets for the Europa Cup final. Full training was provided to the Technical Team at Silk Way Ground Handling so they can complete the building of the remaining units and commission into service themselves. Delivering partially assembled units reduced road transport costs which was also beneficial for the customer.”

Investment in innovation, people, plant and equipment means that TBD is well-placed to meet increased demand – and the Company has achieved 30%+ growth in sales in the last twelve months. This growth, which has been centred primarily on ground handling equipment such as TBD’s new range of towable passenger stairs, baggage trailers and award-winning cargo dollies, can be attributed to many factors but primarily customers worldwide, like Silk Way Airlines, are coming to TBD because they know they can get the durability and quality they seek.

Attfield adds, “Well engineered ground support equipment that can withstand changing weather conditions, continues to be robust and fully functional in the hands of many users, and remains cost effective to maintain, ensures a reduced total cost of ownership throughout the units’ lifecycles. Investing in TBD equipment ensures a relationship of on-time support delivery and minimised downtime across the service supply chain.