Leading GSE lease and maintenance provider Rushlift GSE (Doosan Bobcat company) works with TBD to customise equipment for Menzies

This Summer TBD supplied over 160 pieces of bespoke ground support equipment to Rushlift that will be leased to the Menzies operation at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports – this includes container dollies and baggage trailers. Rushlift and TBD’s design and engineering teams worked together on specific customisations to fit Menzies’ precise specifications and ensure complete satisfaction. These include TBD’s patented towbar safety hoop & weight assist mechanism, and baggage trailers designed to fit the side and rear loading requirements of the LHR baggage hall exactly.

“Trusted products and great teamwork are essential when you are leasing equipment” says Patrick Mulroy, Commercial Manager – Rushlift. “We have a long-standing relationship with TBD because they understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to building equipment to meet our customers’ particular needs.”