Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

TBD is committed to continuous improvement of its corporate social responsibility and will build upon existing practices through careful monitoring and constant improvement.

Policy Objectives and Commitments
  • To engage and communicate our policy, objectives, actions and performance to our employees and external stakeholders, and to promote a socially responsible culture.
  • To promote diversity, honesty, respect and opinion by operating in a transparent manner – valuing people and their expertise by treating them with integrity and developing their skills.
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees through a range of initiatives such as healthy eating, fitness and stress management.
    We will contribute to the communities in which we operate through community volunteering and financially support of good causes and other community initiatives.
  • To respect the law and changing legislative requirements together with national and international standards.
  • To reduce environmental impact, waste and energy through changes or improvement to business operations.
  • To expect similar high environmental performance, equivalent standards and employment practices from all of our suppliers and contractors by promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible project planning.
  • To assess, manage, monitor and review TBD’s CSR policy and performance and adapt, if necessary, to optimise our performance.

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