All of our products are designed using state-of-the-art CAD software to ensure ease of use in a practical business environment.

Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that all of our products meet ISO9001 Design & Manufacturing standards, guaranteeing the safety of your staff, and giving you peace of mind that our products will perform exactly how you expect them to.

Our modern and highly innovative product range includes a large range of working at height solutions, both designed and developed in-house, often with the input expertise of our highly knowledgeable customers. We balance integrity of build with full WAHR compliance and all our GSE is designed to be fully compatible with the latest CEN regulations. Similarly, we have the full capabilities to both design and manufacture complete systems and turnkey packages to suit complex requirements.


Engineered with purpose

TBD have a proven track record and reputation for quality and innovation in the aerospace sector. We design and manufacture a wide range of ground support equipment including cargo, baggage and passenger handling, engineering access equipment for flight line and hangar maintenance, as well as vehicle mounted access and service equipment. [Find out more]


Intuitive, versatile, ready to rise

Personnel and material lifts can be supplied based on a predesigned range of products, or totally bespoke to meet your specific business requirements. All TBD lifts are designed and manufactured at our specialist factory in the UK, so our solutions are not restricted by using mass produced, off the shelf components. [Find out more]

Material Handling

Bespoke solutions to protect and store

TBD provide solutions to lift, carry, move and even store equipment that requires a bespoke approach. From carrying tools and equipment dollies for material in atomic research facilities, to transporting the wings and fuselage of the world’s most advanced aircraft between locations, we deliver customised solutions. [Find out more]

Working at height

Robust, safe, fit for purpose

TBD have a long history of designing innovative work at height platforms that provide industry leading solutions to height access issues. We supply a range of equipment to meet challenges of all sizes, from simple fixed-height steps through to automated, adjustable height installations for working on large items in factory, industrial or maintenance environments. [Find out more]

TBD create bespoke equipment for: