Environmental Policy Statement

TBD is aware of the environmental impact resulting from our individual and collective business activities and is committed to the ongoing principle and practice of environmental protection, corporate, social responsibility and sustainable development. The Company is committed to continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Policy Objectives and Commitments
  • To engage and communicate our policy and objectives to employees and stakeholders to promote and facilitate an environmentally responsible culture that ensures adequate resources are provided to raise awareness of our environmental impact.
  • To reduce waste and increase recycling practices across all operations, by maximising digital forms of communication and increasing efficiency in water, paper, energy and production material consumption.
  • Encourage initiatives to reduce environmental impact through changes or improvements to business operations and transport methods.
  • Commit to full legal compliance in all aspects of the Company’s activities meeting, as a minimum, all relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice, and to assess the impact of all current and likely future operations.
  • To influence the supply chain and third party operations by promoting more sustainable and environmentally responsible project planning through design, specification and procurement. To expect similarly high environmental performance from all of our suppliers and contractors.
  • To access, manage, monitor and review all of the organisation’s environmental activities and adapt, if necessary, to continually optimise our performance.

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